Randy Rainbow …. a little ray of sunshine in my life ….

I thought something was missing in my life and I now I have found it … or rather I have found him …

Randy Rainbow.

Randy Rainbow 2
Here he is.  Isn’t he gorgeous?

As a habitual surfer, I am really not sure how I have managed to miss this little ray of sunshine.  (Mental note to self.  You need to sort your browser out).

A friend  ‘introduced’ me to him this morning, just when I needed an injection of humour to lift my spirits and as alternative medicines go, he is very effective.

So, if you’re looking for an instant ‘cheer me up’ remedy today, I can highly recommend a dose of Randy Rainbow.

Randy Rainbow ... can't get enough of him
Recommended daily dose … 5 times a day …

Randy is a comedian, actor, writer, host and Internet sensation best known for his viral comedy videos … like this one … and, although I don’t want to go all covfefe on you again quite so soon … I just couldn’t resist it.

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