Creative Writing Workshop: The Storyteller in You. The Arts Centre, Jersey 9th-11th June 2017

Really looking forward to welcoming Barbara Large and Adrienne Dines to Jersey this weekend.


"There is no such thing as an 'aspiring writer'. 
You are a writer. Period.” 
Matthew Reilly, Area 7

I agree with Matthew Reilly’s words of wisdom from his novel Area 7 to a degree, but you have to aspire to succeed and to succeed you need confidence.

Starting out as a writer is a lonely place and finding someone to help you build your confidence and self-belief is not always easy.

Jersey is a very small island and we rarely have the opportunity to entertain visitors who come over to share the passion and fire they feel about their chosen careers.  But, just once a year, we aspiring writers do get lucky, we have the opportunity to learn from two extraordinarily motivating teachers who are passionate about creative writing, Barbara Large and Adrienne Dines.

From the 9th-11th June 2017 they will be providing the tools and the stimulus to release the storyteller in you at the Arts Centre…

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