Donald says … Covfefe …

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I have learned two new words this week.   I was unsure about blowhard, the word  Jeremy Paxman used to describe Theresa May, so I looked it up.  Once I had, I thought its usage would be more appropriately applied when describing Paxman.

Today we have a new and exciting Presidential word … covfefe.  Everybody’s saying it … or doing it or feeling it.  COVFEFE! Yay!  Can’t find it in my trusty Oxford English Dictionary but the think they know.Covfefe

I have just come back from Qi Gong and am feeling the Chi.  Maybe Presidents feel the covfefe?

I suppose it could be a covert message of some kind?  Hopefully not.

Are you feeling your covfefe today?  The word is spreading fast.

Little Remi says it …

Sandy and Richard Riccardi sing it …

Esther demands it …

And it’s Braveheart’s battle cry …

This topic didn’t pass Intermittent Musings Of A Middle Aged Mind by either.  There are some great Covfefes here …

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