10 Best Netflix Original Series to watch | Challenge

Thanks for this SheryL.  Just cancelled my subscription with Netflix … but binge watched OITNB there as well as many other series. Feeling the need to binge watch Lost … again. Am missing the entire cast …



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  1. I have binge watched many of the same ones you have and more. I’d be typing for a good hour if I pinged the others back to you. I prefer a series because not every episode is all that good unless surrounded by their sisters and brothers. I do extract quotes however. For those in need of blog posts, watching some of these shows net lots of good ideas. You may have to research further, but it’s fun and worth it, if that’s your thing.

    Quote: “Courage is fear that has said its prayers.”

      1. I heard this quote on the movie…”The Space Between Us.” I suspect I was watching a series of movies this day. Good one regardless, right???

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