The Slugs are Innocent! For now.

OK … I may have been a little hasty on 2nd May 2016 when I accused the local slug population of doing something they had not done.

slug gif
Don’t kill me!  I am innocent!  I ate next door’s lettuce …

What a difference a few days make eh?   It appears that you slugs and your slimy little friends didn’t eat my Lupins after all.


Here they come!  My little babies survived the naughty, nasty winter months!


But … I am not taking any chances.  I don’t trust any of you shell-less terrestrial gastropod molluscs!  A slug pellet Circle of (almost) Certain Death (well, that’s what it says on the packet) has been scattered around my little beauties and I vie you to slither through it!

In the meantime, don’t get too loved up.  Wikipedia tells me that after a night of slow mo rumpy pumpy you little devils lay up to thirty eggs just a few days later.

loved up slugs





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