Writing a blog is comparatively easy in terms of getting yourself read.  Hopefully each post is reasonably well thought out, with an eye catching title that jumps out at the reader. One tap of the return key and your words of wisdom are out there on the wide, wide Web buzzing around for posterity and the chance of being read by millions.

Millions?  Hang on a second, let’s be realistic here and rephrase.  A select few stoic and loyal readers.  Especially when you are a Random Blogger.


I have been Lost Blogging for two years now. I blog about people, events and things I am passionate about, but my passion may not always fuel the interest of others or indeed solve their problems, but I am not a niche Blogger. I never will be, my blogs are way too off the wall. Random is who I am and who I will always be. Life is too short to be niche. So here, you can always expect the unexpected.

Being Random is not all that bad

Written by Tessa Barrie

Writer and blogger from Jersey in the Channel Islands UK who believes life is too short to be niche. 🙃 Currently working on her first novel.

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  1. When you like to bounce around, it most certainly is hard to find a blogging niche according to the gospel of whomever wants tons of likes and comments.

    I prefer being an individual. Besides, I love new and different too much to get pigeon holed.

    So, I hear you. I get you. Keep posting, and “they” your true followers will come.

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