Diary of a Hapless Blogger

  • 3.30a.m.  Bloody Carpal Tunnel Syndome is becoming a wide-awake nightmare.  So pleased that my appointment with relevant consultant has finally come through – 23rd June 2016.  Joy!  I have got so many more sleepless nights to look forward to.
  • 4.30a.m. Finished blog of the day and now tittivating my Work In Progress characters.  Why are they all behaving so badly?  Only I can answer that question.
  • 5.30 Cassie the Blog Dog is requesting urgent access to the cat flap.
  • 5.45 Cassie the Blog Dog is refusing to come in again.  Forage for Cheesy Bites and she is back through the cat flap like grease lightnin’.  She plays me for the fool that I am, because a fool she is not.
  • 6.00 Chapter 15 – Marsha has reached breaking point.  She is no fool but Flyboy Freddie maybe able to captain a 747 but he is foolish beyond words when it comes to women.  How could he possibly think that she would never find out that his relationship with his First Officer was so much more than purely platonic …
  • 7.00 Wake up.  Went to sleep with glasses on head which have made a deep groove accross my nose.  Caffiene I need you.  You are the only thing I need to help me start the day.
Can't sleep so a write
Photo Credit:  everlastingreflection.wordpress.com

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