Man’s Best Friend (MBS) – Writers Workshop 5-7th June 2015

Like Tessa, I had such a great time at MBS’s Writers Workshop this weekend and made a lot of new friends, especially Dachsi McWhorter – seen here working on his manuscript.


I have told him it would be much easier if he bought himself a laptop and learned to type, but old habits die hard I suppose.

It was just so great to spend time with like minded people.


MBS invited published author, Rufus Labradog, to host the workshop.  He has been such an inspiration to me and it was such  a privilege to meet him.

Riveted by Rufus
Riveted by Rufus

I have read all his books and really love Good Dog, Bad Dog which won him the Barker Prize last year and is rapidly becoming becoming a classic.  It you haven’t read it you should.  It is about two young pups who get separated shortly after they were born.  It is a great read.

published author Rufus Labradog
Published author Rufus Labradog ©

My Talk to Cassie posts were really well received by the group and Rufus thinks I should concentrate on this for a while.  So If I can help.  Please get in touch.


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