Originally posted by Lacey life – I am a feminist!

And following on from yesterday’s blog regarding the outrageously demeaning comments made by men about women during the last week or so …. here is a quote from the wonderful Maya Angelou about what she had to say on the subject of Feminism which is followed by a great blog from Lacey Life, which sums it all up really.

lacey life

i’m a feminist. i’ve been a female for a long time now. it’d be stupid not to be on my own side.

maya angelou

these inspiring words from maya angelou sum up very well the reason i am a proud feminist.

i am a feminist because i am proud to be a woman. i believe in equality between the sexes; that is purest definition of feminism in my opinion. but i know there are many forms of feminism. at its core, however, i feel that it is about respect, equality, and love.

but there is a historical imbalance. while everything i said in the previous paragraph is absolutely true, it’s impossible to ignore how women have been put down, marginalized, and treated like second-class citizens throughout most of history including present day. fighting for and promoting equality does mean putting the focus on correcting the gross inequities that women…

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