“There is only ‘a small window of time’ for relief workers in Nepal to put in place measures to protect people from deadly disease outbreaks” 

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

It was very hard to focus on writing humour last week after tragedy struck in various parts of the world.   Nepal, of course, got the brunt of it.  Listening to the news whilst driving to work every morning last week and to learn each day that the death toll had risen again, not by another 50 or 100, but by another 1000. Given the enormity of the  devastation, I did wonder just how quickly Nepal was going to receive the aid that they so desperately need.

The Nepali Government confirmed the death toll from the 7.8 magnitude quake which devastated the densely-populated Kathmandu Valley on April 25 was 6,200, with more than 14,000 injured. The latest estimate I believe is more like 7000 and more bodies have been found today.

So, is Nepal getting the supplies, equipment and support they so desperately need quickly enough? The UN says customs at Kathmandu airport are holding up aid relief.  Why on earth is that happening?  US military aircraft and personnel should have arrived today to help ferry relief supplies to stricken areas.  With the monsoon season due in a handful of weeks the relief workers need as much help as possible and as quickly as possible.

2nd May 2015 - Radha Shrestha (42)  standing in the rubble of her home - AP Photo/Wally Santana - The Associated Press
2nd May 2015 – Radha Shrestha (42) standing in the rubble of her home – AP Photo/Wally Santana – The Associated Press

My heart goes out to the survivors.  I can donate a few pounds toward making one person’s life a little easier for a few days, but the aftermath of this devastating earthquake will stay with Nepal for a very long time.  So a good place for us all to start instead of grumbling about the Bank Holiday weather is http://www.redcross.org.uk/en/Donate-Now/Make-a-single-donation/Nepal-Earthquake-Appeal – PLEASE HELP THE PEOPLE OF NEPAL.


Towards the end of last week there was cause for some optimism, when a 15 year old boy, Pemba Tamang, was rescued alive from under the rubble of the hotel where he was working as a dish washer.

Glimmer of hope.  15 year old Pemba Tamang rescued from under rubble after 5 days
Glimmer of hope. 15 year old Pemba Tamang rescued from under rubble after 5 days

Then today I read that 19 year old Ishwor Ghimire has been hailed as a hero after leading 55 orphans to safety in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Ishwor Ghimire
Ishwor Ghimire

Ishwor was having lunch at Nepal Deprived Women and Children Upliftment Centre Orphanage in Kathmandu.  The orphanage where he grew up and only left last year after receiving a scholarship to study at Pulteney Grammar School in Adelaide, Australia.  When the earthquake began, Ishwor  led all the 55 children, carrying the younger ones, to safety.

So please help the survivors like Pemba and Ishwor rebuild their country and their lives. http://www.redcross.org.uk/en/Donate-Now/Make-a-single-donation/Nepal-Earthquake-Appeal

Voluntary Services Overseas

If you have ever contemplating volunteering your services overseas, the VSO are looking for people with professional skills and professionals aged between the ages of 25 and 75 who can be ready to start with in the next 18 months.  Too late for Nepal now, but maybe in the future?  There are also a number of opportunities for young people aged 18-25.  So, if you feel you can contribute in some way to helping in countries where people are less fortunate than ourselves please check out the VSO website http://www.vso.org.uk/

Written by Tessa Barrie

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