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I am a Shorkie!  Get Me  Out  Of Here!
I am a Shorkie! Get Me
Out Of Here!

I hate having a bath!  When will Tessa get the message?  We went for a great walk today but I got very muddy, so ended up in the kitchen sink.  I hate it.  I know I look great when I’ve been blown dry …. but… !


We have this new shampoo which makes me smell like baby powder.  I have said before, that it does nothing for my street cred.  The neighbours can smell me coming from miles around.  The upside for smelling like baby powder is that, if I get chilly during the night, Tessa doesn’t seem to mind me getting under the duvet.  So I guess I can’t have it all ways, but I still hate it!  GHRRRRRRR!










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