It can only happen on the X-Factor! You never know what is going to happen next. That is what makes it compulsive viewing.

We haven’t been great fans of the Stereo Kicks, mostly because 8 is an unwieldy number for a boy band and even though they maybe big enough to form a small choir, their harmonies have not been great, until last night. Credit to them, they held it together last night when joker Lee Nelson, who calls himself a comedian, decided to join the guys on stage in the middle of their performance of Michael Jackson’s You Are Not Alone.


Lee was eventually wrestled off the stage by security whilst the Stereo Kicks professionally kept going and stayed in tune.

Anyway this rather juvenile stunt by Lee Nelson to draw attention to himself has resulted in the Stereo Kicks pulling off their best performance in this competition by far.

For your delectation, here is the performance.

Written by Tessa Barrie

Writer and blogger from Jersey in the Channel Islands UK who believes life is too short to be niche. 🙃 Currently working on her first novel.

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