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Tessa is being impossible this evening! She’s cock a hoop (oh dear that translates into Cock rings in Mongolian) … Um … she is very full of herself … that’s even worse … Himself fully in Mongolian. Anyway she has had one of her blogs retweeted on Twitter by none other Ray Quinn. Yes, really. Look I took a screen print.


I expect she will come down to earth soon and I would just like to say to our Mongolian readers … It is not our intention to confuse you Ene ni tanyg icheekh bidnii zorilgo bish yum and and thank you for trying to understand our Lost Blogs bidnii Aldagdsan blogiig oilgokhyg khicheekh bayarlalaa. We get a bit confused ourselves sometimes Bid arai zarimdaa öörsdiigöö anduurch avakh.

Have you seen the size of a Tibetan Mastiff? I wouldn’t want to upset him.

Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff

I send best greetings and love

Cassie The Blog Dog


PS I am only little


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