Life is not about how you survive the storm, it’s about how you dance in the rain
in a nutshell
I have hidden behind the pseudonym of Tessa Barrie since leaving school and started writing for the local rag. My mother would not have approved of her shy retiring daughter writing about subjects considered a little risqué for rural Gloucestershire at the end of the Seventies.  After that, it kind of stuck.
I co-authored Brian Trubshaw – Test Pilot in 1998 (oops … just blew my own cover) and assisted with the compilation of Concorde – The Inside Story in 2000.
The Millenium fuelled my interest in blogging, in a musical niche, until I reached Grumpy Old Woman status and my blogs became a menopausal soapbox to vent my anger as just about everything was making me feel crabby.
These days my blogs are niche-less.  The thought of being pigeonholed terrifies me but, as I am about to give birth to my first-born novel, I need a genre to slot it in to.  In essence, it is a bittersweet romantic comedy about a woman whose unsettled childhood left her with a deep-rooted fear of committing to a long-term relationship.  And it’s high time I nailed the damn synopsis!


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